By Mbeke Wambua On 01-12-2023 at 11:08 AM

When Something Is Wrong...Understanding Menstrual Disorders

When something is wrong is a book by Doris Murimi, a Kenyan author and founder of Endo-sisters East Africa, an endometriosis support and advocacy organization.

As an adolescent, Doris assumed the pain she experienced during ovulation and menstruation was just a ‘bad period’ and was ashamed that she had a low threshold of pain compared to her peers.

But how does one talk about something that is deemed normal? What does she do when what is supposed to be one of the most defining phases of her life turns out to be a horrific experience?

Doris shares her 30 years journey to getting a medical diagnosis for endometriosis which was characterised with shame, humiliation and depression. However, through the real life stories, readers are taken though the subject matter in a very fun but engaging manner.

The book is not only an informative read but a great conversation starter for both adolescent genders, parents and guardians on the subject of endometriosis and other unheeded menstrual disorders. It also advocates for early visitation to specialists on menstrual disorders for early diagnosis, treatment, management and avoidance of possible long-term complications.

On taking a quick glance at the book, one may assume that it is only for women but, on the contrary, upon reading and deeper reflection, the book is for all. It aims to enlighten, inform and educate adolescent girls and boys on the issues of menstrual disorders.

All students to learn about menstrual disorders under new CBC regulations

Advocacy efforts in the awareness of endometriosis have borne fruit after an announcement by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development(KICD) that menstrual disorders (MD) education will now be included in the Competency-Based Curriculum(CBC).


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